Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 01/29/2021

Donald Trump met with Kevin McCarthy in Florida and their meeting was all about the GOP taking over the House in 2022. Plus, the media completely fawns over Gov. Cuomo’s failed leadership.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 01/29/2021

Sen. Mitt Romney and others in the ‘club’ don’t truly understand the American people’s needs. Also, Tucker Carlson took a stab on Wall Street’s Rigged Game & RobinHood.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 01/29/2021

Mike compares NY and FL to show Republican-led states have been more effective combatting the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Dinesh D’ Souza joins Mike to discuss the Democrats’ terrible priorities as they think climate change is what we need to worry about & all the hot-button issues.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 01/28/2021

White House Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy says climate change is the ‘most significant public health challenge of our time’. Also, Biden is already costing us jobs under his leadership.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 01/28/2021

San Francisco’s Board of Education voted to rename 44 schools honoring “racist” historical figures. Plus, Brian Schiele from Fellowship Home Loans joins to talk about what people can expect with interest rates and the housing market under Biden.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 01/27/2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci is reportedly the highest-paid federal employee in the U.S. He is the one who tells us that wearing two masks is better than one. Also, Mike Lindell spoke with Tucker Carlson about cancel culture.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 01/27/2021

Forty-five Republican Senators agree that this impeachment is unconstitutional. Also, Biden has signed a record number of executive orders contradicting what he’s said in the past.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 01/26/2021

Should Rep. Liz Cheney be in a leadership position within the GOP? Also, Mike talks to callers who believe Fox News should be taken off the air and who believe the George Floyd protests were mostly peaceful.

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