Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/23/2021

Rachel Maddow is telling her viewers to not take Ivermectin to treat Covid, but who is she to do so? Why is CNN now slamming Biden on Afghanistan despite them being the reason he got elected?

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 08/20/2021

Pentagon Press Sec. John Kirby ‘doesn’t know’ how many Americans are in Afghanistan. Also, the FBI says there is essentially no evidence to suggest that the Jan. 6th riot was not an organized effort to storm the Capitol.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/20/2021

Fox News is asking all their employees to disclose their Covid vaccination status. How would you feel if your employer required you to disclose your vaccination status?

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 08/19/2021

Biden delivered a speech focused on Covid booster shots & didn’t even mention anything about Afghanistan. The New York Times is even reporting that the vaccines are not going to single-handedly end the pandemic in Israel.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 08/19/2021

Biden sat down with George Stephanopoulos & said he doesn’t think he could’ve handled the Afghanistan situation better. Plus, Gold Star Mom Terri Pryor has scathing comments about Biden’s handling of Afghanistan debacle.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/19/2021

Thousands of Americans are stranded in Afghanistan & Biden still doesn’t answer any questions. Plus, proof of vaccination will be required to attend Broadway shows, but we still don’t require photo ID to vote.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 08/18/2021

A man gets attacked with a hatchet at a NYC ATM as crime soars in our big cities. The New York Times wrote a hit piece on Larry Elder to try to attack his efforts to replace Gavin Newsom.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/18/2021

Mike talks to some Americans who voted for Joe Biden to see if they are satisfied with the job he is doing as President. Plus, AMAC’s Andy Mangione joins Mike to discuss Democrats’ efforts to go after our elections.

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