Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 02/23/2023

Press Secretary for Pete Buttigieg told a reporter that she won’t answer any questions about Pete’s trip to Ohio unless the camera is turned off. Plus, Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio and comically said he brought them “Trump water”.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 02/23/2023

Fox News Channel’s “The Five” did not even mention Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio. Also, a Florida journalist was gunned down while covering the scene of an earlier fatal shooting.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 02/22/2023

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig faced criticism for days over his failure to visit the East Palestine, Ohio train disaster. Somehow, he still hasn’t visited the site. Also, President Biden supports Ukraine unquestioningly, but that policy may be pushing Russia into the arms China and Iran.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 02/22/2023

Is it time for a national divorce? Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene think perhaps we do. We don’t want a civil war, nobody does, but is it time for use to move to communities that live by the ideals with prefer? Tough topic, what do you think?

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 02/22/2023

Russian President Vladomir Putin withdrew his nation from the last remain nuclear arms agreement with the United States. Meanwhile President Biden pledged unending support for Ukraine in their war with Russia. So what exactly is the endgame for President Biden in Ukraine? Plus, Keith Olbermann rages at Fox News in a ridiculous video.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 02/21/2023

Rep. Jamie Raskin says it is a security risk for Tucker Carlson to get Jan. 6th footage. Mike & 660AM The Answer radio host Mark Davis discuss Biden receiving praise for his Ukraine trip, whether Nikki Haley is more of a globalist, Tucker Carlson’s team receiving footage from Jan. 6th, and much more.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 02/21/2023

Donald Trump said that Biden visiting Ukraine instead of East Palestine, Ohio means Biden is basically abandoning those Americans. Also, many conservatives like Hugh Hewitt and Fox Business host Stuart Varney are praising Biden for his Ukraine trip.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 02/20/2023

The suspect has been busted in the fatal shooting of a Temple University police officer in Philadelphia. DA Larry Krasner promised to deliver justice, but his policies suggest otherwise. Mike & 660AM The Answer radio host Mark Davis discuss the attacks against former President Jimmy Carter who is receiving hospice care and Biden’s surprise trip to Ukraine.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 02/20/2023

Kurt Schlichter wrote an article comparing Nikki Haley to Kamala Harris which isn’t exactly a compliment. Plus, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given Tucker Carlson access to over 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from January 6th.

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