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What you get for becoming a Guest Contributor for Team Gallagher:

  • The opportunity for your content to reach our Gallagher’s World audience.
  • Authorship credit for the post.
  • The opportunity to include a short bio at the end of your post.
  • The opportunity to include links to your website and social media accounts, which will be embedded in your author bio.

How to become a Guest Contributor:

You must use the guest contributor application button below to sign up. Someone will then follow up with you about the content you would like to contribute and how to proceed with future posts.  All posts must be focused on quality with the idea of adding value for our readers.  The content may be based on research, facts, or personal experience.

Guest Contributor Agreement – all guest contributions must comply with the following criteria:

  • All submitted content must belong to you, be original, and not been purchased for publication elsewhere (unless your agreement with the purchaser allows you to post the content elsewhere).
  • Posts will acknowledge your authorship, but will be our property.
  • We review all guest contributions prior to posting and may not post all contributions that we receive.  We reserve the right to refuse publication of any guest post for any reason in our sole discretion.
  • We do not pay for contributions.  If you decide to submit a post, you do so with the knowledge that you shall not be entitled to any compensation for writing the post or for any other compensation related to the post.
  • Copyright and/or trademark infringement is not permitted.  Guest contributors warrant that their posts are original and do not infringe on any copyrighted or trademarked material.
  • Plagiarism is not permitted.  When quoting others, you must cite the source.
  • We reserve the right to add affiliate links or advertising in or around a guest post.
  • We do not accept posts containing affiliate links.
  • We do not accept posts that are meant as an advertisement for a product or service.
  • We accept relevant images and/or video to accompany guest contributions so long as they meet the following requirements:
  • The guest contributor must be the copyright holder of the image/video or the image/video must be licensed under an appropriate creative commons license or in the public domain.  Proof of ownership/license may be required to be submitted along with any image/video to verify that it does not infringe on any copyright laws.
  • If individuals are displayed in the image/video, the guest contributor must provide a written release granting permission to the use of such individuals’ likeness.
  • We reserve the right to deny or remove any image/video for any reason in our sole discretion.

By submitting a guest post you agree that you have read and understand this Guest Contributor Agreement and agree to be bound by it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I get paid for my contributions?
A: No. In exchange for your contributions, you will get a byline on every post you write and an author bio that can include links to your website and social media profiles.

Q: What should I contribute?
A: We are looking to you for ideas about what you think Team Gallagher members will be interested in! We encourage you to share your thoughts, photos, videos and podcasts.

Q: Can I post my content on my own site or other sites?
A: You may post your content on your own site at any time. However, you CAN NOT sell your content as original to others after it has been first posted to Team Gallagher.  You must also immediately make us aware that you have published your content elsewhere so we can’t claim it can only be found at Team Gallagher.

Q: Can I post a teaser or a link to my content on my own site?
A: Yes, we encourage you to post a link to your guest post on your own website or social media accounts as soon as it is live on Team Gallagher.

Q: If I submit a guest post, is it guaranteed to get published?
A: We want to publish as many high-quality posts as we can, but we cannot guarantee that we will publish your guest post. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any submitted post that does not meet our guidelines or for any other reason; however, if you follow our guidelines carefully, you greatly increase the probability that we will publish it.