Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 07/07/2020

Tom Tradup joins Mike to discuss the RNC considering to test each convention attendee daily for the coronavirus. Plus, we’ll listen to Terry Crews give his view on BLM to Don Lemon on CNN.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/07/2020

Colin Kaepernick Signs a Deal With Disney. It appears as though patriotism can be considered ‘White Supremacy’ to some on the Left. Plus, Kurt Schlichter joins to discuss his new book.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 07/06/2020

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz requested that Trump declare a federal disaster in the state. Plus, an 8 year-old girl was shot and killed in Atlanta thanks to the ‘peaceful’ protestors.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/06/2020

Vandals have torn down a Frederick Douglas statue and some democrats believe these are all ‘peaceful’ protestors. Plus, we’ll listen to a montage of the media attacking Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/02/2020

The New York Times is claiming that Mt. Rushmore is problematic. Plus, Tucker Carlson ripped GOP senators Ron Johnson and James Lankford for proposing to cancel Columbus Day.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/02/2020

President Trump said he is all for masks, but doesn’t think they need to be mandatory in a Fox Business Network interview. Plus, Harvard Grad loses her job for posting a Tik Tok threatening to stab people.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 07/01/2020

Armed St. Louis Homeowner goes on both CNN and Fox News in one night where there’s a stark contrast in how he was treated. Plus, Mike has a discussion with a caller on BLM protests.

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