Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 12/01/2020

Tucker asks Why Is Dr. Fauci Changing Has Stand on Opening Schools Just Now When the Data Has Always Been the Same? Also, Fox News’ Kennedy had some things to say to Fauci as well.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 12/01/2020

Georgia Sec. Of State Brad Raffensperger announced the election probe into groups trying to register out-of-state voters. Also, a caller suggests the GOP should play dirty in Georgia.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 3 – 11/30/2020

Mike reads a great TownHall article called “Liberals Want You Demoralized, So Don’t Be” by Kurt Schlichter. Also, Fauci urges closing New York bars in order to keep schools open.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 11/30/2020

President Trump provides updates on the 2020 election as he says it is hard to get into the Supreme Court. Also, Mike reads a great article from The Spectator USA called ‘Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling’.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 11/30/2020

President Trump touts the vaccine progress due to Operation Warp Speed in his first interview since Election Day. Plus, Brian Schiele from Fellowship Home Loans joins Mike to talk about the housing market.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 2 – 11/24/2020

Are these COVID-19 restrictions just an effort to infringe upon our civil liberties? Also, Guest Host Trish Regan will talk about how President Trump’s legal team will exhaust every legal avenue to make sure the 2020 election is fair.

Mike Gallagher Radio Show Hour 1 – 11/24/2020

NY Congresswoman Elise Stefanik says she is celebrating Thanksgiving & Gov. Cuomo is the worst Governor. Plus, Guest Host Trish Regan will discuss who Biden is picking for key administration positions.

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